Safety Shirt Pant Set - Manufacturer & Exporter of Coverall, Fire Blankets, Welding Blankets in Ahmedabad, India.

# India's Emerging Mfg. Brand for Cotton, FR & IFR Coveralls.

# India's Emerging Mfg. Brand for Cotton, FR & IFR Coveralls.

Safety Shirt Pant Set

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Safety Shirt Pant Set

Vardan Safety Solutions is one of the leading Manufacturers, Exporters, And Suppliers of Safety Shirt Pant Sets in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

A safety shirt and trouser set is an outfit that goes together to give workers in dangerous situations complete protection and visibility. This set, which consists of a shirt and pants, is designed with safety standards and regulations in mind, all the while guaranteeing the wearer’s comfort and functionality.

A safety shirt pant set usually consists of a shirt and pants made of sturdy materials like polyester, cotton blends, or specialty fabrics made to endure the rigors of industrial work settings. These materials provide protection against chemicals, tearing, abrasions, and other frequent workplace risks.

  1. Utilities and Infrastructure Maintenance
  2. Manufacturing and Warehousing
  3. Transportation and Logistics
  4. Agriculture and Farming
  5. Mining and Extractive Industries
  1. High Visibility
  2. Protection from Hazards
  3. Comfort and Mobility
  4. Weather Protection
  5. Storage and Convenience
  1. Use: Industrial Use
  2. Material: Polyester
  3. Size: Medium, XL, Large, Small

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