Silicone Coated Fire Blanket - Manufacturer & Exporter of Coverall, Fire Blankets, Welding Blankets in Ahmedabad, India.

# India's Emerging Mfg. Brand for Cotton, FR & IFR Coveralls.

# India's Emerging Mfg. Brand for Cotton, FR & IFR Coveralls.

Silicone Coated fire Blanket

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Silicone Coated Fire Blanket

We are leaning manufacturer & exporter of Silicone coated Fire blankets in Ahmedabad, Gujarat & India.

Superior silicone coating gives our Fire  blankets remarkable durability and heat resistance. The silicone coating improves safety during welding operations by providing the highest level of protection against heat, slag, and sparks.

Elevate your welding safety standards with our Silicone Coated Welding Blankets, meticulously engineered to provide unparalleled protection and durability in high-heat environments. Crafted with precision and coated with premium silicone materials, these blankets offer a superior level of resistance against sparks, flames, and molten metal splatter, making them the ideal choice for demanding welding applications.

Our Silicone coated fire blankets have a strong construction that provides long-lasting performance and are made to endure the rigors of industrial situations. Even under the most severe circumstances, their longevity and dependability are guaranteed by the premium materials utilized in their manufacture.

  1. High-Temperature Resistance
  2. Industrial Durability
  3. Emergency Response and Fire Safety
  4. Construction and Maintenance Projects
  1. Advanced Silicone Coating
  2. Heavy-Duty Construction
  3. Versatile Applications
  4. Flexible and Easy to Handle
  5. Safety Compliance
  1. Material: Silicone Coated Fiberglass Cloth
  2. Weight: 550 gsm to  1000 gsm available
  3. Thickness: 0.5 mm to 1.2 mm (+/- 10%)
  4. Temperature Resistance:  550 to 1050 Degrees Celsius
  5. Test Report: As per IS 11871 from NABL Approved LAB
  6. Size: 1 mtr x 2 mtr, 2 mtr x 2 mtr, 3 mtr x 3 mtr, 3 mtr x 5 mtr & other custom sizes are available

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